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Intensive Pulse Light (IPL)
Intensive Pulse Light 彩光嫩膚儀
Professional IPL Device (Double-handpiece) 專業彩光嫩膚儀(雙手棒)
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  The photon energy emitted by this machine is primarily absorbed by melanin, hemoglobin and dark tissues. As a result, skin aesthetic, hair removal and pigment removal can be achieved with no aftereffect.


USA FDA Approval & TUV CE Approval

Applications 功效:
  • Dermatology 減淡、消褪各種色斑和雀斑

  • Skin Photo Rejuvenation 使皮膚嫩白更生

  • Hair removal 脫毛

  • Features 特徵:
  • Adjustable pulse width, sub-pulse width and interval 可調較脈寬、次脈寬及波距

  • Switching handpieces just by a single touch 輕輕一按便可選擇手棒

  • Double-handpiece docks 設有兩個手棒座

  • Contact cooling system 內置冷凍系統

  • Medical CE Certificated 獲醫療器械CE認證

  • Technical Specification 規格:
  • Output energy 輸出能量: 180J

  • Handpiece 手棒數目: 2

  • Light spectrum 光譜範圍 : 560-950nm; 700-950nm

  • Spot size 光斑面積: 45.8mm x 0.8mm

  • Energy density 能量密度: 0~36J/cm2

  • Cycles 週期: 1 . 2 . 3s

  • Subpulse width 次脈寬: 4 . 5 . 6ms

  • Subpulse number 次脈數目: 15

  • Input Power 功率: 1200W

  • Voltage 電壓: 110/220VAC

  • Weight 重量: 50kg
      480(L) x 380(W) x 1020(H) mm  
      This device including a professional IPL googles. For more about other IPL googles, please feel free to contact us.
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